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The Magical Towns of Mexico

When it comes to tourism, it is always possible to find new things, places other than the usual destinations, the most publicized ones, which are worth exploring for different reasons. That is the case of the Magical Towns, whose significance on the national tourist map is of the first order.

Currently throughout the territory there are 132 Magical Towns, whose attractions generate great admiration among tourists, not only national but of the whole world.

Magic Towns in Mexico

The Magical Towns Program was created to give recognition to various places that have special attributes such as; an important history, unique cultural and natural attractions, as well as deep-rooted traditions that make the town a place worth visiting.

Magic Towns are defined as places with great symbolism and legends, they are towns whose historical importance It has been fundamental for the development of history and that enhances the national identity in each of its corners. These places have a special magic that connects the visitor with our roots and customs. Of exceptional beauty they are destinations that simply fall in love.

The vast majority of tourism that lands at Mexican airports usually has an established route that includes stops at large, world-renowned destinations. To ensure that visitors have a more varied offer, this list aims to highlight towns and small cities that can also become a tourist reference.

The Magical Towns of Mexico are unique and special, among them they share some characteristics: the nature that surrounds them, the emblematic constructions, the poetic squares, the narrow cobblestone streets, the brick-colored facades, and the lanterns old style lit up at night. Added to all this is the delicious food and traditional music.

Whether you want to have an adventure with your hands full or you want to explore the most outstanding historical and cultural treasures of the Mexican province, the Magical Towns are excellent for it. Hence, they are recommended for tourist purposes beyond any circumstance.

Map of magical towns

If you would like to see a map with all the Magical Towns of Mexico, visit this portal.

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